April 5, 2010

Project by Edita Aurelia Alvarado and María Honoria Perearnau.

Project 1: Triangulation

The goal of the project is to intervene within a topography divided in two by a river. Within this context, the intervention performs a conceptual link between the two sides. To achieve that, the topography itself is the base for the “bridge.” It is rotated vertically. Both the original and the extracted topography are then triangulated. Two sides, connected diagonally are selected and are modified in order to respond to the terrain where it is applied.

Project 2: Ribs

The goal of the project, similarly to the “Triangulation,” is to work with topography of similar characteristics. Unlike the previous project, the “bridge” and the surface were treated with different techniques. To establish the connection, a fraction of the same surface was chosen, rotated 90 degrees, and worked with the ribs. To emphasize the concavity of the surface, the lower area of the longitudinal ribs were freed, leaving only the cross ribs in contact with the original surface.