Small / Large Inflatables

April 5, 2010

Project by Lucrecia Bakir, Ana Luz Dardik, Chiara Gibertoni, Inés Lobos, Andrea Real, and Florencia Romaniello.

Starting with the patterns from the Burda magazine to tailor clothes, two parts of a single garment were selected and intersected three-dimensionally, e.g., torso and sleeve. The model in real scale was oversized and inflated with a turbine to create a space that the members of the team could occupy. Three aspects the project addresses were: connection of the parts, connection to the ground, and materiality.


Close clothespins
Close circumference line IMaterial:
50 MC Nylon crystal (3 cm. wide)
Waste bag (1 cm. by 6 cm.)


Cubic meters of air: 30 m³
Square meters of membrane: 50 m²
Membrane grams: 30 gr. per 1 m²
Total: 1,500 gr


Turbine rent: $100 per day
Waste bag: $75 (100 bags)


BIGJUMP 4760-4733/4761-9189

New proposal

The idea is to generate a new space in which the relationship between interior and exterior is maintained, and where the intersections of the sleeves and torso generate a path that can address the columns found in the selected space.