The Room

April 5, 2010

Project by Carla Laguzzi, Armando Agustín Negri, Josefina de Paul, María Luz Rodríguez, Ignacio Mussi Tiscornia, and Carolina Wundes.

The project asked for the mechanical creation of an inflatable space that could be inhabitable. The room developed by our team was able to adapt to the context by locking itself to an existing wood fence. The project was materialized with construction plastic. The connection of the pieces was solved with a specific adhesive tape with enough strength to withstand the air pressure. To solve the access, we developed a double door, one side fixed to the fence and the other connected to the membrane, that allowed for construction and deconstruction as desired.

Materials Used to Build the Membrane

Detail of Connection with Access

Detail of Connection with Air Blower

Detail of Membrane Construction and Change of Tonality in the Connections

Detail of Patches to Fix Cuts