Museum Würth

April 5, 2010

Project by Ren Tian.

This project is conceived as open staging for temporary exhibitions. Its floor plan is a schematic system of sloped, straight and bent corridors. Seen from the outside they appear as a group of hierarchically organized plain volumes: a donut pavilion sunk into the ground, a stick placed along the creek and a sloped double corridor that connects them. A promenade through the museum reveals a more complex structure. Movement through the exhibition is organized in a loop, from the narrow entrance ramp through the ascending spiral around the internal court, down the glazed slope to the long and narrow water pavilion. This continuous movement is sequenced by two archetypal moments: the silent cylindrical room and the open terrace exposed to the sound and mist of the running water. In spite of its authoritative geometry the small museum is strongly imbued with the site, and poetically magnifies the natural aspects of the site.