The Ruins of Modernism


Project by Robert Beson.

We build castles in the sky that are all corridor and stair. There is no room to function in this dysfunctional memorial because here function has been taken to the extreme. Piles of corpses line the lower levels of the high-rise. The ascent to higher levels is a Sisyphean task; as you rise, the self-perpetuating machinery rises further still continuously producing this consumable environment. Instead, we must elect for radical surgery. Within this stricture our lives themselves are the memorial. The project desires to become the memorial to capitalism, the memorial to modernist rationalism. Here, we do not memorialize the global financial crisis, we celebrate it. The only hope is to explode the machine, to continue to always explode it—to expose the inner workings and destabilize the relationships. The heroes of this revolution: Richard Goodwin, Yves Klein and Tyler Durden show us the way. As you rise higher and higher out of the ruins of modernism it at last becomes apparent that all that was solid has melted into air. The only hope is constant revolution.