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Issue 23
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Issue 14
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Issue 32
Mas issue university works cover opening

University Works

Issue 0
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Issue 1
Mas issue events cover opening


Issue 2
Mas issue work cover opening


Issue 3
Mas issue living cover opening


Issue 4
Mas issue energy cover opening


Issue 5
Mas issue amusement cover opening


Issue 6
Mas issue information cover opening


Issue 7
Mas issue conflict cover opening


Issue 10
Mas issue speed cover opening


Issue 11
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Issue 13
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Issue 26-25
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Issue 24
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Issue 22
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Issue 20
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Issue 19
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Issue 18
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Issue 17
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Issue 16
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Issue 15
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Issue 12
Mas issue character breaking bad 01

Breaking Bad: When Architecture is Turned into a Criminal

Essay by Tania Tovar Torres
Mas issue repetition cover opening


Issue 21
Mas issue hidden cover opening


Issue 28
Mas issue university works discussing university works 01

Discussing University Works

A conversation between Andrew Clark, Judith De Jong, Alexander Eisenschimdt, Iker Gil, Jimenez Lai, Paul Preissner, Juan Manuel Rois, and Karla Sierralta
Mas issue university works uts the gap 11

The Gap

Project by Samaneh Moafi
Mas issue more want more 01

Want More?

MAS Context wanted MORE and collected a list of 100.
Mas issue bilbao bilbaos strategic evolution 01

Bilbao’s Strategic Evolution: The Metamorphosis of the Industrial City

Essay by Ibon Areso
Mas issue bilbao three key organizations 01

Three Key Organizations: Bilbao Metrópoli 30, BILBAO Ría 2000, and the Bilbao Bizkaia Water Consortium

Text by Iker Gil
Mas issue work layoff moveon 01

Layoff Moveon

Iker Gil interviews Jessica Lybeck
Mas issue work farmers work 01

Farmer’s Work

Architect Kathryn Clarke Albright studies farmers markets and reveals the pleasures and demands of the farmer’s work
Mas issue aberration something exceptional 01

Something Exceptional

Projects by Luis Urculo
Mas issue more jason more cover

Jason = More

Iker Gil interviews Jason Pickleman
Mas issue more more of more cover

More of More

MAS Context asked several people working in different fields to give us their definition of the concept of More.
Mas issue more more identities 01

More Identities

Prada Transformer by OMA / Rem Koolhaas
Mas issue more mas is mas 01

Mas es Mas

Lyrics by Fangoria from “Más es Más,” the first single from their album Absolutamente (2009)
Mas issue bilbao building the symbol of a remarkable transformation 01

Building the Symbol of a Remarkable Transformation

Iker Gil interviews John Zils
Mas issue bilbao city and nature 01

Setting Up New Relationships Between City and Nature

Iker Gil interviews Diana Balmori
Mas issue surveillance networked urbanism 01

Networked Urbanism: Using Technology to Improve our Cities

Iker Gil interviews John Tolva
Mas issue events embt goes east 01

EMBT Goes East

Mateu Baylina and Xavi Ayala interview Benedetta Tagliabue
Mas issue events designing venues 01

Designing Venues

Iker Gil interviews Doug Garofalo
Mas issue repetition an obituary for the greek city of repetition 01

An Obituary for the Greek City of Repetition

Essay by Panos Dragonas
Mas issue repetition one architect three approaches 01

One Architect, Three Approaches: Bertrand Goldberg’s Early Experiments with Prefabrication, 1937-1952

Essay by Michelle Benoit
Mas issue repetition repetition as the crystallization of a design method 01

On the Search for Spatial Patterns: Repetition as the Crystallization of a Design Method

Essay by Clara Olóriz Sanjuán
Mas issue repetition original copies 03

Original Copies: Inside China’s Imitation Binge

Text and photographs by Bianca Bosker
Mas issue repetition repeat with me 02

Repeat with Me

Manifesto by Urtzi Grau and Cristina Goberna from Fake Industries Architectural Agonism
Mas issue repetition utopias in the gaps 01

Utopias in the Gaps

Essay by Sergio Lopez-Pineiro with projects by Holes of Matter
Mas issue repetition building repetition through history 01

Building Repetition Through History: Motivations And Implications

Essay by José García Soriano and Carmen López Albert
Mas issue repetition concealed carry repeat 01

Concealed Carry, Repeat

Text, photograph, and pattern by James Goggin
Mas issue repetition claude are you dreaming 01

Claude, Are you Dreaming, or is this Really Happening?

Iker Gil interviews astronaut Claude Nicollier
Mas issue surveillance in the news 01

Surveillance in the News

A selection of quotes on surveillance from the news.
Mas issue surveillance the street as platform 01

The Street as Platform

Essay by Dan Hill, Executive Director of Futures at the UK’s Future Cities Catapult
Mas issue surveillance manifesto for cctv filmmakers 01

Manifesto for CCTV Filmmakers

THE FILMMAKER AS SYMBIONT: opportunistic infections of the surveillance apparatus
Mas issue surveillance 14 abbott h thayer vanishing ducks 01

Abbott H. Thayer’s Vanishing Ducks: Surveillance, Art, and Camouflage

Essay by Roy R. Behrens
Mas issue surveillance materiality of deletion 01

Materiality of Deletion

Essay by Christo de Klerk
Mas issue ordinary can architecture be ordinary 03

Can Architecture Be Ordinary?

Essay by Deborah Fausch
Mas issue legacy architecture and the city 01

Architecture and the City: Berlin, Tempelhof

Project by Ted Brown
Mas issue hidden archipelagos of detritus 01

Archipelagos of Detritus: The Need for a Theory on Spatial Waste

Essay by Sergio Lopez-Pineiro
Mas issue debate room at the top 05

Room at the Top? Sexism and the Star System in Architecture

Essay by Denise Scott Brown
Mas issue events cdf 2011 17

CDF 2011 proposal

Architects Sharon Haar and Iker Gil propose the first Chicago Design Festival
Mas issue living survivor maracaibo 01

Survivor Maracaibo

Architects Karla Sierralta and Brian Strawn share their experience living in Maracaibo, where informal inventions address social and economic conditions
Mas issue living a frame of mind 01

A Frame of Mind

Essay Paul Mougey
Mas issue living in cabrini 01

Living in Cabrini

James Lockhart, a former resident of Cabrini Green, shares his memories with Iker Gil about growing up in the Chicago Public Housing.
Mas issue energy prelinger archives 01

Prelinger Archives

Films from the Prelinger Archives showing the type of energy and ideals that the United States had during the 1930s, 40s, and 50s
Mas issue amusement empty amusement 01

Empty Amusement

Photography by Yosigo
Mas issue network chicago freight tunnels 01

The Chicago Freight Tunnels

Essay by Bruce G. Moffat
Mas issue conflict water shore habitat 01

Water Shore Habitat

Project by David Garcia Studio awarded First Prize in the International Unesco Delta City of the Future competition
Mas issue speed looking for a theory of real time knowledge 01

Looking for a Theory of Real-Time Knowledge

Essay by Troy Conrad Therrien, founding partner in the creative curational agency TH-EY, and chief architect, cloud communication at Columbia University’s GSAPP
Mas issue bold logistical ecologies 01

Logistical Ecologies

Project by Hinterlands Urbanism and Landscape with MODUS Collective
Mas issue repetition belly flops 01

Belly Flops

Short Essay by Michelle Benoit
Mas issue production chicago production creating a lifestyle 03

Chicago Production: Creating a Lifestyle

Iker Gil interviews Michael Salvatore, owner and CEO of Heritage Bicycles General Store
Mas issue improbable futures expo boston 76 01

Futures: Expo Boston ‘76

Text and chronology by Michael Kubo, Chris Grimley, and Mark Pasnik
Mas issue improbable emission 01

Radiation and Telecom: Émission

Project by Jordan Geiger
Mas issue narrative cover opening

Architectural Narratives

Issue statement by Iker Gil, editor in chief of MAS Context
Mas issue repetition posconflicto laboratory 01

Posconflicto Laboratory: More and More about Less and Less and Less and Less about More and More

Essay by Roberto Soundy and project by URBANÍSTICA—Empresa Metropolitana de Vivienda y Desarrollo Urbano de la Ciudad de Guatemala and Asociación Centroamericana Taller de Arquitectura (a—c—t—a)
Mas issue repetition harlem time tracker 01

Harlem Time Tracker

Text and photographs by Camilo José Vergara
Mas issue events in good we trust 01

In Good We Trust

John Hickenlooper and Bruce Mau present the Denver Biennial of the Americas


Mas event 2017 jai alai blues 01

Jai Alai Blues

MAS Context Fall Talks 2017
Mas event 2018 envisioning new spatial organizations 01

Envisioning New Spatial Organizations

MAS Context Spring Talks 2018
Mas event 2018 couplings 01

Couplings 2018

MAS Context Spring Talks 2018
Mas event 2018 can we not open our eyes to our own treasures 01

Can we not open our eyes to our own treasures?

MAS Context Spring Talks 2018
Mas event 2017 starship chicago cover

Starship Chicago

MAS Context Fall Talks 2017
Mas event 2018 harry seidler modernist 01

Harry Seidler: Modernist

MAS Context Fall Talks 2018
Mas event 2018 agency 01

AGENCY: Undercurrents

MAS Context Fall Talks 2018
Mas event 2018 in your city by the lake 01

In Your City by the Lake

MAS Context Fall Talks 2018
Mas event 2018 tracing traces 01

Tracing / Traces: Architecture and the Archive 2018

MAS Context Fall Talks 2018
Mas event 2019 nocturnal landscapes instituto cervantes 01

Nocturnal Landscapes: Urban Flows of Global Metropolises / Chicago

MAS Context Fall Talks 2019
Mas event 2019 geometry of light farnsworth house 01

Geometry of Light: Farnsworth House

MAS Context Fall Talks 2019
Mas event 2022 tracing traces 01

Tracing / Traces: Architecture and the Archive 2022

MAS Context Fall Talks 2022
Mas event 2020 uppland film screening 01


MAS Context Fall Talks 2020
Mas event 2023 a lot with little fada 01

A Lot With Little Opening Reception

MAS Context Fall Talks 2023
Mas event 2023 contemporary spanish architecture practices hanghar 02

Contemporary Spanish Architecture Practices: BEAR and HANGHAR

MAS Context Fall Talks 2023
Mas event 2023 a lot with little turkana 01

A Lot With Little

Mas event 2024 a lot with little chicago aspire 01

A Lot With Little Chicago

MAS Context Spring Talks 2024
Mas event 2024 welcome to tribuneville 01

Welcome to Tribuneville: An Imaginary Vision of an Old Chicago That Could Have Been

MAS Context Spring Talks 2024
Mas event 2023 stone wall stand in 01

Design with Company: Stone Wall Stand In

MAS Context Spring Talks 2023
Mas event 2023 inhabiting the water 01

Inhabiting the Water

MAS Context Spring Talks 2023
Mas event 2023 periphery 01


Mas event 2023 couplings thumbnail

Couplings 2023

MAS Context Spring Talks 2023
Mas observations 2019 liminal frontier 13

Floodplain Futures: Flood Insurance and the Economy of Climate Change

MAS Context Spring Talks 2023
Mas event 2017 bilbao issue launch chicago 10

Bilbao issue launch in Chicago

MAS Context Spring Talks 2017
Mas event 2016 dingbat 01

Dingbat 2.0: The Iconic Los Angeles Apartment as Projection of a Metropolis

MAS Context Fall Talks 2016
Mas event 2016 couplings 11

Couplings 2016

MAS Context Fall Talks 2016
Mas event 2016 kelly bair 01

Kelly Bair: Tight Fade

MAS Context Spring Talks 2016
Mas event 2015 sense and sensibility 01

Sensing and Sensibility: Politics and Technology in the Contemporary City

MAS Context Spring Talks 2015
Mas event 2015 jnl graphic design 03

JNL Graphic Design studio visit

MAS Context Spring Talks 2015
Mas event 2014 bruce g moffat 01

Bruce G. Moffat: Chicago Freight Tunnels

MAS Context Fall Talks 2014
Mas event 2017 fundraising mexico puerto rico 01

Fundraising for Mexico and Puerto Rico

MAS Context Fall Talks 2017


Mas observations 2024 the japanese house inside and out nendo 01

The Japanese House Inside and Out

Essay by Naomi Pollock
Mas observations 2024 theres a place called kokomo opalescent glass 01

There’s A Place Called Kokomo (Opalescent Glass)

Monthly column by Elizabeth Blasius
Mas observations 2024 a career in five projects carol ross barney glendale heights post office 01

A Career in Five Projects: Carol Ross Barney

Iker Gil interviews Carol Ross Barney
Mas observations 2023 griot germane barnes venice biennale 01

Griot, Storytelling, and the Manipulation of History

Iker Gil interviews Germane Barnes
Mas observations 2023 art at the james r thompson center 01

Art at the James R. Thompson Center

Monthly column by Elizabeth Blasius
Mas observations 2023 gertrude lempp kerbis 01

Gertrude Lempp Kerbis: A Career of Determination, Problem Solving, and Proactivity

Monthly column by Elizabeth Blasius
Mas observations 2023 mundo mendo 01

Mundo Mendo Goes to Seoul: The World of Luis Mendo on Display

Iker Gil interviews Luis Mendo about his exhibition Mundo Mendo
Mas event 2015 jnl graphic design 01

JNL Graphic Design: Celebrating a Studio that Sculpted the Visual and Cultural Landscape of Chicago and Beyond

Celebrating the work of JNL Graphic Design
Mas context observations 2023 cesar sans house santa maria getxo 01

House of the Architect

Text by Iker Gil
Mas observations 2023 the passion tax is history 01

The “Passion Tax” is History

Monthly column by Elizabeth Blasius
Mas observations 2023 sarasota school of architecture 01

Past, Present, and Future of the Sarasota School of Architecture

Monthly column by Elizabeth Blasius
Mas context observations 2023 hanover and over again 01

Hanover and Over Again!

Essay by Jason Griffiths
Mas observations 2023 christopher columbus memorial 01

Changing Narratives and Confronting History Through Two Chicago Monuments: The Christopher Columbus Memorial and the Chicago Torture Justice Memorial

Monthly Column by Elizabeth Blasius
Mas observations 2024 urban archaeology lost buildings of st louis 01

Urban Archaeology: Lost Buildings of St. Louis

Monthly column by Elizabeth Blasius
Mas observations 2024 five bay landscapes saginaw bay 13

Five Bay Landscapes: Saginaw Bay

Essay by Sean Burkholder and Karen Lutsky
Mas observations 2024 drawing the ring of steel 01

Drawing the Ring of Steel: A Counter-Monument for Belfast

Essay and project by Kate Catterall
Mas observations 2024 sentinels iron portals of chicagoland 03

Sentinels: Iron Portals of Chicagoland

Project by Cédric Van Parys
Mas observations 2022 where the sky meets the earth cover

Where the Sky Meets the Earth

Text and photographs of Structures of Landscape in Tippet Rise by James Florio
Mas observations 2022 the super roof at 50 michael zimmermann 01

The Super Roof Turns 50

Iker Gil and William Baker interview Rudolph Bergermann and Knut Göppert
Mas observations 2022 exact dutch yellow 01

What, Exactly, is Exact Dutch Yellow?

Text by Marin R. Sullivan
Mas observations 2022 sainsbury wing 01

Sainsbury Wing: Objection from Denise Scott Brown

Text by Denise Scott Brown
Mas observations 2023 1 1 2 01

1 + 1 > 2: Letter to Biljana, Notes to Frida

Essay by Denise Scott Brown
Mas observations 2023 threatened altered and demolished abrams house 01

Threatened, Altered, and Demolished: Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates’ Built Work at Risk

Monthly column by Elizabeth Blasius
Mas observations 2023 som computer group 06

SOM’s Computer Group: Narratives of Women in Early Architectural Computing

Essay by Shelby Doyle and Nick Senske
Mas observations 2023 from resources to rubble eric allix rogers 01

From Resources to Rubble: Evaluating Chicago’s Demolition Delay Ordinance in its Twentieth Year

Monthly column by Elizabeth Blasius
Mas observations 2019 liminal frontier 01

Liminal Frontier: Climate Adaptation and the American Coast

Essay and photographs by Virginia Hanusik
Mas observations 2019 en medio super servicio lomas 01

En-Medio: Súper Servicio Lomas

Text and interview by Departamento del Distrito (Francisco Quiñones & Nathan Friedman)
Mas observations 2019 a receding coast 01

A Receding Coast

Essay and photographs by Virginia Hanusik
Mas observations 2019 a career in five projects 01

A Career in Five Projects: Carlos Ferrater

Iker Gil interviews Carlos Ferrater
Mas observations 2019 la ricarda a work in progress 01

La Ricarda: A Work in Progress

Essay by Fernando Alvarez and Jordi Roig
Mas observations 2019 jose miguel de prada poole 01

José Miguel de Prada Poole and the Perishable Architecture of Soap Bubbles

Essay by Antonio Cobo
Mas observations 2021 helmut jahn 1940 2021 01

Helmut Jahn (1940-2021)

Remembering architect Helmut Jahn and his work
Mas observations 2021 this is not the huarte house 01

This is not the Huarte House

Essay by Patxi Eguiluz and Carlos Copertone
Mas observations 2019 groundscraper city 01

Groundscraper City: Touring the Subterranean Structures of Minneapolis-St. Paul 1978–1983

Essay by Andy Sturdevant
Mas observations 2021 architectures offering to academe 01

Studio: Architecture’s Offering to Academe

Essay by Denise Scott Brown
Mas observations 2021 only girl architect only 01

Only Girl Architect Lonely

Essay by Susan King
Mas observations 2021 cooperative housing 01

Cooperative Housing as a Means More Than an End

Essay by Ethel Baraona Pohl
Mas observations 2020 contributions of the basque exile to mexican architecture 01

Contributions of the Basque Exile to Mexican Architecture

Essay by Juan Ignacio del Cueto Ruiz-Funes
Mas observations 2020 access for all 01

Access for All: São Paulo’s Architectural Infrastructures

Text by Daniel Talesnik
Mas observations 2020 twelve cautionary urban tales 01

Twelve Cautionary Urban Tales

Text by Ethel Baraona Pohl
Mas observations 2020 on the precious work of brinda somaya 01

On the Precious Work of Brinda Somaya

Text and projects by Brinda Somaya
Mas observations 2019 southern exposure 07

Southern Exposure: The Overlooked Architecture of Chicago’s South Side

Iker Gil interviews Lee Bey