Mas issue debate political props 01

Political Props: Territorial Performance and the Chamizal Dispute

Essay by Nathan Friedman
Mas issue hidden revealing tendencies 01

Revealing Tendencies: Chinese Urbanization & the Floating Population

Essay by Florence Twu
Mas issue hidden requiem for the hidden track 01

Requiem for the Hidden Track

Essay by John Stirratt
Mas issue hidden beyond the proscenium wall 01

Beyond the Proscenium Wall

Essay by Odile Compagnon
Mas issue hidden sounding lines 10

Sounding Lines

Essay by Andrew Ruff
Mas issue debate the personal debate of juan ogorman 03

The Personal Debate of Juan O’Gorman

Essay by Fabrizio Gallanti
Mas issue debate credit check 01

Credit Check

Essay by Adrian Shaughnessy
Mas issue debate sexism is still with us 01

Sexism Is Still With Us

Essay by Justine Clark
Mas issue boundary thickening the unthickable 01

Thickening the ‘Unthickable’

Essay by Yorgos Rimenidis
Mas issue improbable beyond index and over the limit 01

Beyond Index and Over the Limit: Gasping for Air in the Megacities of Asia

Essay by Martin Abbott
Mas issue visibility blurred 06


Essay by Antonio Petrov
Mas issue visibility ghost streets 02

Ghost Streets and Disembodied Workers in San Francisco

Essay by Chris Carlsson
Mas issue improbable exit strategy 01

Exit Strategy: From Improbable to Impossible

Essay by David Karle
Mas issue visibility detroit 01

Detroit: Beyond the Figure-Ground

Essay by David Karle
Mas issue boundary campus and city 01

Campus and City: An Evolving Boundary

Essay by Sharon Haar
Mas issue improbable dissolving the city 04

Dissolving the City: Preliminary Notes on Spatial Ideologies of Information and Communication Technologies

Essay by Ali Fard
Mas issue trace ruined and neglected 01

Ruined and Neglected

Essay by Ljubica Slavković
Mas issue trace american postmodern 01

American Postmodern

Essay by Jayne Kelley
Mas issue trace anthropocene basilico smithson matta clark 01

Anthropocene Through the Eyes of Gabriele Basilico, Robert Smithson, and Gordon Matta-Clark

Essay by Enric Llorach
Mas issue bilbao architects role in the future city 01

Architects’ Role in the Future City

Essay by JAAM
Mas issue legacy lessons learned 01

Lessons Learned: Quandaries posed by Learning from Las Vegas and Delirious New York

Essay by James Khamsi
Mas issue ordinary commercial strip tease 03

Commercial Strip Tease

Essay by David Karle
Mas issue ordinary designing for other things to happen 08

Designing for Other Things to Happen

Essay by Rojkind Arquitectos
Mas issue ordinary glamour alleys as a mechanism of the extra ordinary 08

Glamour: Alleys as a Mechanism of the (extra) Ordinary

Essay by Linda Just
Mas issue ordinary lilli pot spaces rendezvous in tokyo 01

Ordinary Lilli-pot Spaces: Rendezvous in Tokyo

Essay by Zenovia Toloudi
Mas issue ordinary can architecture be ordinary 03

Can Architecture Be Ordinary?

Essay by Deborah Fausch
Mas issue ordinary superordinary on the problematique of the ordinary 01

Superordinary: On the Problematique of the Ordinary

Essay by Antonio Petrov
Mas issue ordinary design inside our daily lives 01

Design Inside Our Daily Lives

Essay by Regina Pozo
Mas issue surveillance lets see some tits 01

Let’s See Some Tits: Norway’s Distinctly Different Web Wildlife Program

Essay by Isaac Rooks
Mas issue tokyo and so you come 01

And So You Come

Essay by Craig Mod
Mas issue repetition one architect three approaches 01

One Architect, Three Approaches: Bertrand Goldberg’s Early Experiments with Prefabrication, 1937-1952

Essay by Michelle Benoit
Mas issue legacy heritage is ineffable 01

Heritage is Ineffable

Essay by Geoff Goldberg
Mas issue legacy in support of the speculative project 03

In Support of the Speculative Project: A Chicago Legacy

Essay by Alexander Eisenschmidt
Mas issue repetition an obituary for the greek city of repetition 01

An Obituary for the Greek City of Repetition

Essay by Panos Dragonas
Mas issue legacy journey with maps 01

Journey with Maps: A Cultural Emergency Project in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Essay by Killian Doherty
Mas issue legacy wallpaper 01


Essay by Andrea Dietz
Mas issue aberration weak networks 01

Weak Networks and Movement Scales in Architecture

Essay by Michael Chen
Mas issue aberration the only possible world 01

The Only Possible World

Essay by Paul Shepheard
Mas issue ownership is dead 03

Ownership is Dead

Essay by architect Eleanor Chapman
Mas issue aberration boom bust rubble bust 01

Boom Bust Rubble Dust

Essay by Tom Keeley
Mas issue bilbao perfect future 01

Perfect Future

Essay by Ruth Mayoral López
Mas issue bilbao the many effects of the guggenheim effect 01

The Many Effects of the Guggenheim Effect

Essay by Koldo Lus Arana
Mas issue boundary eccentricity 02


Essay by architect Odile Compagnon
Mas issue boundary the ready to go club 01

The Ready-To-Go Club

Short essay by Meredith Ludwig
Mas issue boundary the potential of nothing 01

The Potential of Nothing

Short essay by Lawrence Abrahamson
Mas issue improbable you are one lucky son of a bitch 01

You are One Lucky Son of a Bitch

Short Essay by Sparkle Hayter
Mas issue boundary ferry land 01

Ferry Land

Short essay by Teaque Lenahan
Mas issue boundary within and without 01

Within and Without

Short essay by Noël Ashby
Mas issue improbable notausgang 73 01

Notausgang 73

Essay by Evangelina Guerra Luján
Mas issue boundary the segregation paradoxes 01

The Segregation Paradoxes

Essay by Carl H. Nightingale
Mas issue boundary the lost border 01

The Lost Border

Photo Essay by photographer Brian Rose
Mas issue production requiem 01


Essay by architect Deborah Richmond
Mas issue improbable the possibility of a purpose 01

The Possibility of a Purpose

Short Essay by Mike Peart
Mas issue visibility i did this in twenty steps 01

I Did This in Twenty Steps

Short essay by Mark McGinnis
Mas issue visibility the wheel thing 01

The Wheel Thing

Short essay by Jim Abele
Mas issue visibility digging deeper 04

Digging Deeper

Short essay by Joanna Livieratos
Mas issue visibility ghost writer 01


Short essay by Jon Johnstone
Mas issue visibility heels to safer urban cycling 01

Heels to Safer Urban Cycling

Short Essay by Annette Ferrara
Mas issue trace the chengzhongcun 04

The Chengzhongcun: Urban Traces of the Village

Essay by John Joseph Burns
Mas issue trace true love leaves no traces 01

True Love Leaves No Traces

Essay by Daniel Luis Martinez
Mas issue debate circulating borders 01

Circulating Borders: The BMW Guggenheim Lab

Essay by Marina Otero Verzier
Mas issue hidden archipelagos of detritus 01

Archipelagos of Detritus: The Need for a Theory on Spatial Waste

Essay by Sergio Lopez-Pineiro
Mas issue hidden the most modern of men cover

The Most Modern of Men

Short essay by Matthew Hoffman
Mas issue debate room at the top 05

Room at the Top? Sexism and the Star System in Architecture

Essay by Denise Scott Brown
Mas issue tokyo i am a japanese urban explorer haikyo living in tokyo 01

I am a Japanese Urban Explorer (haikyo) Living in Tokyo

Short essay by neji_maki_dori
Mas issue tokyo sheibu ad campaign cover

Sheibu Ad Campaign

Short essay by Chip Lord
Mas issue tokyo placemaking in koenji 01

Place-making in Kōenji: (Re)Invented Spaces and Traditions

Short essay by Christian Dimmer
Mas issue tokyo being small living in tokyo and being unique 01

Being Small, Living in Tokyo, and Being Unique

Short essay by Masaki Endoh
Mas issue tokyo drawing tokyo 01

Drawing Tokyo

Short essay by Luis Mendo
Mas issue ordinary in suburbia 01

In Suburbia

Short essay by Tom Keeley
Mas issue legacy the future of neglect 01

The Future of Neglect

Essay by Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss
Mas issue narrative comics and architecture comics in architecture 03

Comics and Architecture, Comics in Architecture: A (not so) short recount of the interactions between architecture and graphic narrative

Essay by Koldo Lus Arana
Mas issue ordinary the veneer of nostalgia 02

The Veneer of Nostalgia: Dingbat Life in Slums of Beverly Hills

Essay by Joshua G. Stein
Mas issue narrative buildings and their representations 03

Buildings and their Representations Collapsing upon One Another: Architecture in Comic Strip Form

Essay by Mélanie van der Hoorn
Mas issue narrative archiporn or storylines 01

Archiporn or Storylines? Creative Architectural Commercials as Challenges to the Communication and Marketing of Architecture

Essay by Mélanie van der Hoorn
Mas issue repetition belly flops 01

Belly Flops

Short Essay by Michelle Benoit
Mas issue repetition we print because we can 01

We Print Because We Can

Essay by Patrick Sykes
Mas issue repetition repetition as the crystallization of a design method 01

On the Search for Spatial Patterns: Repetition as the Crystallization of a Design Method

Essay by Clara Olóriz Sanjuán
Mas issue surveillance drone survival guide 01

Drone Survival Guide

Essay and graphics by Ruben Pater
Mas event 2012 corkins exchange 15

Zen and the Ordinary

Short essay by Henry Shukman
Mas issue surveillance 14 abbott h thayer vanishing ducks 01

Abbott H. Thayer’s Vanishing Ducks: Surveillance, Art, and Camouflage

Essay by Roy R. Behrens
Mas issue ordinary the brain is square 01

The Brain is Square

Essay by Alberto Campo Baeza
Mas issue surveillance materiality of deletion 01

Materiality of Deletion

Essay by Christo de Klerk
Mas issue legacy the lehman invisible monument 01

The Lehman Invisible Monument

Essay by Fabrizio Gallanti
Mas issue legacy an unlikely legacy 01

An Unlikely Legacy: 1933 Shanghai

Essay by Rachna Kothari
Mas issue legacy the parkway 01

The Parkway: A Curated Legacy

Essay by Aisling O’Carroll
Mas issue vigilantism emanuel admassu thumbnail

Black Compound

Essay by Emanuel Admassu
Mas issue character legendary acts 04

Legendary Acts

Essay by Ellie Abrons
Mas issue vigilantism tactics of control thumbnail

Tactics of Control: Race + Water in the Mississippi Delta

Essay by Atelier Mey
Mas issue character character and the character 01

Character and the Character

Essay by Andrew Holder
Mas issue character character and cities of tomorrow 01

Character and Cities of To-morrow

Essay by Joanne Preston
Mas issue character construction of an architect 01

Construction of an Architect

Essay by Jimmy Carter
Mas issue character the forensic criticism of n ratsby in the architectural review 01

The Forensic Criticism of N. Ratsby in The Architectural Review

Essay by Jon Astbury
Mas issue character lequeu characters 01

Lequeu’s Characters

Essay by Max Jarosz
Mas issue more yes is more 01

Yes is More

Essay by Bjarke Ingels
Mas issue living a frame of mind 01

A Frame of Mind

Essay Paul Mougey
Mas issue amusement she was not amused 01

She Was Not Amused

Essay by Mike Walsh
Mas issue bilbao the second strategic plan for bilbao 01

The Second Strategic Plan for Bilbao

Essay by Ibon Areso
Mas issue bilbao a disappearing bilbao 01

A Disappearing Bilbao

Essay by Patxi Eguíluz
Mas issue conflict towards open architecture 01

Towards Open Architecture

Essay by Simon Scheithauer
Mas issue more more marina 01

More Marina

Essay by Andrew Dribin
Mas issue vigilantism loopty loops in the age of super heroes thumbnail

Loopty Loops (#ALWAYSWIP)

Essay by Jennifer Bonner
Mas issue bilbao bilbaos strategic evolution 01

Bilbao’s Strategic Evolution: The Metamorphosis of the Industrial City

Essay by Ibon Areso
Mas issue vigilantism concrete terror thumbnail

Concrete Terror: Race Barriers and Vigilantism in the United States

Essay by Chat Travieso
Mas issue vigilantism a single family thumbnail

A Single Family

Essay by Ashley Bigham
Mas issue vigilantism architecture in the age of super heroes thumbnail

Architecture in the Age of (Super) Heroes

Essay by Galo Canizares
Mas issue vigilantism domestic vigilance as an aesthetic practice thumbnail

Domestic Vigilance as an Aesthetic Practice

Essay by Sean Canty
Mas issue vigilantism occupy studio thumbnail

Occupy Studio: Blackness, Protest, and Dirty Pin-Ups

Essay by Sekou Cooke
Mas issue work workplace 03


Essay by Liz Potokar
Mas issue university works cover opening

Spanning Lines of Longitude and Latitude

Essay by Iker Gil and Andrew Clark, editors of MAS Context University Works
Mas issue legacy when the future was here 01

When the Future Was Here

Essay by Paola Aguirre and Michelle Ha Tucker with photographs by David Schalliol
Mas issue debate in plain sight 01

In Plain Sight, An Architectural Hit List

Essay by Max Kuo with illustrations by Max Kuo, Olivia Heung, Annie Schneider, and LeeAnn Suen
Mas issue debate identifying the designer as worker 01

Identifying the Designer as Worker

Essay by Peggy Deamer, Quilian Riano, and Manuel Shvartzberg on behalf of The Architecture Lobby
Mas issue hidden seeing triborough 12

Seeing Triborough

Visual essay by Sam Holleran
Mas issue character why we got into character thumbnail

Why We Got Into Character

Essay by Design With Company
Mas issue character breaking bad 01

Breaking Bad: When Architecture is Turned into a Criminal

Essay by Tania Tovar Torres
Mas issue trace reading the ephemera of caithness 01

Reading the Ephemera of Caithness

Essay by Dimitra Ntzani and John Barber
Mas issue trace kowloon walled city 03

Kowloon Walled City: Heterotopia in a Space of Disappearance

Essay by Matthew Hung with photography by Greg Girard
Mas issue trace the trace of superusers 18

The Trace of Superusers: From Santiago Centro to Superkilen in Copenhagen

Essay by Kristine Samson and José Abásolo
Mas issue improbable netopias 01

Netopias: Premonitions of Past Futures

Essay by Eva Papamargariti and Vassiliki-Maria Plavou
Mas issue trace tracing intentions 01

Tracing Intentions: The Photography of Frank Thiel

Essay by Krishna Bharathi with photography by Frank Thiel
Mas issue boundary life on the line 01

Life on the Line at Derby Line, Vermont

Essay by the Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI)
Mas issue improbable the advanced passenger train 01

The Advanced Passenger Train

Short Essay by Tom James with photography by Theo Simpson
Mas issue improbable takis zenetos 01

Takis Zenetos: Unbuilt Tropes

Essay by Ethel Baraona Pohl, Elina Karanastasi, and Nikos Skoutelis based on a text by Nikos Skoutelis
Mas issue ownership the city without and within the white lines 01

Cape Town: The City Without and Within the White Lines

Essay by Killian Doherty, architect and lecturer in Rwanda
Mas issue production manufactured landscapes 01

Manufactured Landscapes

Photo essay by photographer Edward Burtynsky
Mas issue visibility dont ask my real name 01

Don’t Ask My Real Name

Photo essay by Zahra Jewanjee
Mas issue visibility infra 11


Photo essay by Richard Mosse
Mas issue communication notable realities 01

Notable Realities: Balancing from World to World

Essay by Michael Hirschbichler, principal of Atelier Hirschbichler
Mas issue communication communication as a tool for empowerment 01

Communication as a Tool for Empowerment

Essay by the think tank Eme3
Mas issue communication modern talking 01

Modern Talking [don’t you…forget about me]

Essay and Illustrations by architect and cartoonist Klaus
Mas issue communication the communicative mode of architecture 01

The Communicative Mode of Architecture

Essay by Sam Jacob, architect and director of London based architecture office FAT
Mas issue hidden logistical ecologies 01

Logistical Ecologies of the North American Operational Landscape

Essay by Conor O’Shea, Luke Hegeman, and Chris Bennett
Mas issue ordinary theres nowt so ordinary as folk 03

There’s Nowt So Ordinary as Folk

Short essay by Ordinary Architecture (Elly Ward and Charles Holland)
Mas issue hidden beti jai 06

Beti Jai: The Last Surviving Basque Pelota Historic Fronton in Madrid

Essay by Carlos Copertone and Patxi Eguiluz
Mas issue tokyo a work of art 01

A Work of Art

Short essay by Tama-chan (Takayo Kiyota)
Mas issue tokyo the future that never happened 01

The Future that Never Happened

Short essay by fala (Filipe Magalhães and Ana Luisa Soares)
Mas issue repetition utopias in the gaps 01

Utopias in the Gaps

Essay by Sergio Lopez-Pineiro with projects by Holes of Matter
Mas issue surveillance the street as platform 01

The Street as Platform

Essay by Dan Hill, Executive Director of Futures at the UK’s Future Cities Catapult
Mas issue vigilantism disciplined in the house of tomorrow thumbnail

Disciplined in the House of Tomorrow

Essay by Andrew Santa Lucia
Mas issue bilbao behind the bilbao effect 01

Behind the Bilbao Effect: An Overnight Success in 20 Years

Essay by Koldo Lus Arana
Mas issue vigilantism queer vigilantism thumbnail

Queer Vigilantism

Essay by A.L. Hu
Mas issue vigilantism a choice of weapons thumbnail

A Choice of Weapons: Image Notes from Minneapolis

Photo essay by Jennifer Newsom
Mas issue visibility visualizing urban hidrology 01

Visualizing Urban Hidrology: The Design of a Wet Surface

Essay by Carolina González Vives
Mas issue work isolated building studies 14

Isolated Building Studies

Photo essay by David Schalliol
Mas issue information architectural discourse 01

Spaces for Architectural Discourse and the Unceasing Labor of Blogging

Essay by Javier Arbona, writer and PhD candidate in geography with a background in architecture and urbanism
Mas issue network chicago freight tunnels 01

The Chicago Freight Tunnels

Essay by Bruce G. Moffat
Mas issue network intertwinements 01


Essay by architect Ioanna Angelidou
Mas issue network power of networks 01

Power of Networks

Essay by Paddy Harrington, creative director for Bruce Mau Design
Mas issue information discontented 01

Discontented, or the Pursuit of Content in a Format Age

Essay by Mimi Zeiger, writer and founder of the architecture zine and blog loud paper
Mas issue networks of architecture 01

Networks of Architecture: Keedoozle and Walmart

Essay by architect Jesse LeCavalier
Mas issue conflict under the bridge 01

Under the Bridge

Film and essay by Nora Niasari
Mas issue conflict great mosques of lake geneva 02

The Great Mosques of Lake Geneva

Essay by architect Mika Savela
Mas issue ownership where do good ideas come from 01

Where Do Good Ideas Come From?

Essay by Benjamin Brichta, the Network Architecture Lab, an experimental unit at the Columbia University GSAPP directed by Kazys Varnelis
Mas issue ownership on the question of whownspace 01

On the Question of #whOWNSpace

Essay by Quilian Riano on behalf of the #whOWNSpace collaborative project
Mas issue aberration immanent cartography 01

Immanent Cartography

Essay and photographs by Nick Axel
Mas issue aberration architecture without idealism 05

Architecture Without Idealism (Of A Sort)

Essay and project by John Szot
Mas issue aberration metropol parasol 01

Metropol Parasol

Essay by Ethel Baraona Pohl with photographs by Antonio Rull
Mas issue aberration terrible beauty 06

Terrible Beauty

Essay by Lebbeus Woods followed by an interview with him by John Szot
Mas issue work publics works 01

Publics Works

Essay by Maria Moreno-Carranco
Mas issue bilbao metro bilbao 07

Metro Bilbao

Essay by García de la Torre Arquitectos
Mas issue bilbao the basque city 01

Landscapes and Networks in the the City-Region: The Basque City

Essay by Alfonso Vegara and Juan Luis de Las Rivas
Mas issue bilbao a place in transition 01

A Place in Transition

Essay by Iker Gil with photography by Aitor Ortiz
Mas issue information the data city 07

The Data City

Essay by Richard Prouty, writer and author of the blog One-Way Street
Mas issue information photography information and meaning 01

Photography, Information, and Meaning

Essay by Jörg M. Colberg, editor and founder of Conscientious, a website dedicated to contemporary fine-art photography
Mas issue network a village by the sez 01

A Village by the SEZ: The Dafen Sample of China’s Urbanization

Essay by designer, editor, and critic Jiang Jun, with photography by Yu Haibo
Mas issue conflict build simply 01

Build Simply: South of the Border

Essay by architects Alfredo Brillembourg and Hubert Klumpner from Urban-Think Tank with research assistant Daniel Schwartz from ETH
Mas issue conflict prostitution migration urban territory 01

Prostitution, Migration, and Urban Territory

Essay and diagrams by OMNIBUS (Charlotte Malterre Barthes with Valentina Genini)
Mas issue conflict downtowns will to form 01

Downtown’s Will to Form

Essay by architect and urban designer Alex Lehnerer
Mas issue speed notes from the velodrome 01

Notes from the Velodrome

Essay by Jeffrey T. Schnapp, Professor of Romance Languages & Literatures at Harvard and faculty at the GSD
Mas issue speed a strategic vision for the center of dense cities 01

A Strategic Vision for the Center of Dense Cities: Madrid as a Case Study

Essay by José María Ezquiaga and Juan Herreros, architects and directors of PROYECTO MADRID CENTRO
Mas issue speed on the quickening of history 01

On the Quickening of History

Essay by Brendan Crain, founder of the Where blog and Communications Manager at Project for Public Spaces
Mas issue public is there a future for the recent past in new orleans 08

Is There a Future for the Recent Past in New Orleans?

Essay by Francine Stock, president of DOCOMOMO US/Louisiana
Mas issue production vertical urban factory 01

Vertical Urban Factory

Essay by architectural critic, curator and educator Nina Rappaport
Mas issue communication talking to myself 05

Talking to Myself

Visual essay by Rick Valicenti, founder and design director of Thirst/Chicago
Mas issue ownership bridging the tracks 01

Bridging the Tracks: Air Rights Development and the Urban Fabric

Essay by William F. Baker and Richard F. Tomlinson II
Mas issue ownership the party is over 01

The Party is Over

Essay and photographs by architect Pedro Hernández
Mas issue repetition building repetition through history 01

Building Repetition Through History: Motivations And Implications

Essay by José García Soriano and Carmen López Albert
Mas issue legacy the short life and long history of the pagoda 01

The Short Life and Long History of The Pagoda

Essay by Carlos Copertone and Patxi Eguiluz
Mas issue legacy never loved buildings rarely stand a chance 04

Never-Loved Buildings Rarely Stand a Chance: Josep Lluís Sert in Cambridge

Essay by Alexandra Lange with photographs by Lee Dykxhoorn
Mas issue vigilantism architecture performing live thumbnail

Architecture Performing Live

Essay by Joseph Altshuler and Zack Morrison
Mas issue character character and composition a response thumbnail

Character and Composition, A Response

Text and project by Design With Company
Mas issue vigilantism collisions thumbnail


Essay by Germane Barnes and Shawhin Roudbari
Mas issue bilbao bilbao and the magazine nueva forma 16

Bilbao and the Magazine Nueva Forma

Essay by Lucía C. Pérez-Moreno and Elena Martínez-Litago
Mas issue bilbao the vizcaya amusement park 32

The Vizcaya Amusement Park: A Story of Broken Dreams

Essay by Tomás Ruiz with photography by Yosigo
Mas issue bilbao the american houses of bilbao 01

The American Houses of Bilbao

Essay by Patxi Eguiluz and Carlos Copertone
Mas issue bilbao the alhondiga cultural center 01

The Alhóndiga Cultural Center and Other Architectural Dreams

Essay by Patricia Sanz Lacarra and Lucía C. Pérez-Moreno
Mas issue work empty 01


Photo essay by Andreas E.G. Larsson
Mas issue repetition posconflicto laboratory 01

Posconflicto Laboratory: More and More about Less and Less and Less and Less about More and More

Essay by Roberto Soundy and project by URBANÍSTICA—Empresa Metropolitana de Vivienda y Desarrollo Urbano de la Ciudad de Guatemala and Asociación Centroamericana Taller de Arquitectura (a—c—t—a)
Mas issue narrative cover opening

Architectural Narratives

Issue statement by Iker Gil, editor in chief of MAS Context
Mas issue speed looking for a theory of real time knowledge 01

Looking for a Theory of Real-Time Knowledge

Essay by Troy Conrad Therrien, founding partner in the creative curational agency TH-EY, and chief architect, cloud communication at Columbia University’s GSAPP
Mas issue ownership invention and tradition 01

Invention and Tradition

Essay by Denise Scott Brown, architect, planner, urban designer: principal of Venturi Scott Brown and Associates, and theorist, writer and educator
Mas issue repetition cover opening


Issue 21
Mas issue bilbao cover opening


Issue 30-31


Mas observation 2019 hurricane harvey 01

Hurricane Harvey, the Golden Triangle, and the Inequality of Relief

Essay by Elizabeth Blasius
Mas observations 2019 liminal frontier 01

Liminal Frontier: Climate Adaptation and the American Coast

Essay and photographs by Virginia Hanusik
Mas observations 2019 a receding coast 01

A Receding Coast

Essay and photographs by Virginia Hanusik
Mas observations 2022 way beyond bigness 01

Way Beyond Bigness: The Need for a Watershed Architecture

Essay by Derek Hoeferlin
Mas observations 2022 john moutoussamy at 100 01

John Moutoussamy at 100

Essay by Iker Gil
Mas observations 2019 groundscraper city 01

Groundscraper City: Touring the Subterranean Structures of Minneapolis-St. Paul 1978–1983

Essay by Andy Sturdevant
Mas observations 2019 jose miguel de prada poole 01

José Miguel de Prada Poole and the Perishable Architecture of Soap Bubbles

Essay by Antonio Cobo
Mas observations 2021 an industrial legacy worth saving 01

An Industrial Legacy Worth Saving

Essay by Iker Gil
Mas observations 2021 cartographic evidence of invisible cities 01

Cartographic Evidence of Invisible Cities

Essay by Olga Subirós
Mas observations 2021 only girl architect only 01

Only Girl Architect Lonely

Essay by Susan King
Mas observations 2024 the japanese house inside and out nendo 01

The Japanese House Inside and Out

Essay by Naomi Pollock
Mas context observations 2023 hanover and over again 01

Hanover and Over Again!

Essay by Jason Griffiths
Mas observations 2023 1 1 2 01

1 + 1 > 2: Letter to Biljana, Notes to Frida

Essay by Denise Scott Brown
Mas observations 2024 drawing the ring of steel 01

Drawing the Ring of Steel: A Counter-Monument for Belfast

Essay and project by Kate Catterall
Mas observations 2022 after demolition cover

After Demolition

Photo essay by David Schalliol
Mas observations 2022 eibar the factory city 01

Eibar, the Factory City

Essay Luis Ulacia and photography by José Ronco with an introduction by Iker Gil
Mas observations 2019 rebel garages 01

Rebel Garages

Essay and policy proposals by Future Firm
Mas observations 2020 food with a face 01

Food With A Face

Essay by Kathryn Clarke Albright
Mas observations 2020 re enactment 01

Re-enactment: Lilly Reich’s Work Occupies the Barcelona Pavilion

Essay by Laura Martínez de Guereñu
Mas observations 2020 visualizing disasters and an ongoing crisis 01

Visualizing Disasters and an Ongoing Crisis

Essay and photographs by Virginia Hanusik
Mas observations writing in stone veneer 01

Writing in Stone Veneer: New Orleans Public Schools’ Past and Future

Essay and photographs by David Schalliol
Mas observations 2021 sgn utility poles 01

SGN: On the Utility Poles of Ho Chi Minh City

Essay and photographs by Noritaka Minami
Mas observations 2021 cooperative housing 01

Cooperative Housing as a Means More Than an End

Essay by Ethel Baraona Pohl
Mas observations 2021 architectures offering to academe 01

Studio: Architecture’s Offering to Academe

Essay by Denise Scott Brown
Mas observations 2024 five bay landscapes saginaw bay 13

Five Bay Landscapes: Saginaw Bay

Essay by Sean Burkholder and Karen Lutsky
Mas observations 2023 som computer group 06

SOM’s Computer Group: Narratives of Women in Early Architectural Computing

Essay by Shelby Doyle and Nick Senske
Mas observations 2022 helen plum library 01

The Significant Life and Uncertain Future of the Helen Plum Library

Essay by Iker Gil and Julie Michiels
Mas observations 2022 f reconstituting tolstoy college 01

F: Reconstituting Tolstoy College

Essay by Liz Park with an introduction by Collective Question
Mas observations 2021 this is not the huarte house 01

This is not the Huarte House

Essay by Patxi Eguiluz and Carlos Copertone
Mas observations 2021 a field guide to sprawl mountain 01

A Field Guide to Sprawl Mountain: Modeling Waiting in the Landscape of Dismantled Transit

Essay and project by Joshua G. Stein
Mas observations 2019 la ricarda a work in progress 01

La Ricarda: A Work in Progress

Essay by Fernando Alvarez and Jordi Roig
Mas observations 2019 pittsburgh as a project reimagining the modern 05

Pittsburgh as a Project: Reimagining the Modern

Essay by Rami el Samahy, Chris Grimley, and Michael Kubo
Mas observations 2020 contributions of the basque exile to mexican architecture 01

Contributions of the Basque Exile to Mexican Architecture

Essay by Juan Ignacio del Cueto Ruiz-Funes
Mas observations 2021 a total work of art 01

A Total Work of Art: The Salime Hydroelectric Power Plant

Essay by Patxi Eguiluz and Carlos Copertone
Mas observations 2021 goodbye to the amber glow 01

Goodbye to the Amber Glow

Essay by Ann Lui and Craig Reschke, with photographs by David Schalliol
Mas observations 2019 spontaneous uses cover

Spontaneous Uses

Text and drawings by SIAA with photography by Lauro Rocha
Mas observations 2019 almost perfect 01

Almost Perfect

Iker Gil interviews Luis Mendo and Yuka Martin Mendo
Mas observations 2019 stanley tigerman 1930 2019 01

Stanley Tigerman (1930–2019)

Architects remember Stanley Tigerman
Mas observations 2020 on the precious work of brinda somaya 01

On the Precious Work of Brinda Somaya

Text and projects by Brinda Somaya
Mas observations 2020 casa chilena 15

Chilean House: Domestic Images

Text by Pablo Brugnoli, Francisco Díaz, and Amarí Peliowski
Mas observations 2020 access for all 01

Access for All: São Paulo’s Architectural Infrastructures

Text by Daniel Talesnik
Mas observations 2023 threatened altered and demolished abrams house 01

Threatened, Altered, and Demolished: Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates’ Built Work at Risk

Monthly column by Elizabeth Blasius
Mas observations 2023 outside the box 01a

Outside the Box: Modern and Contemporary Houses in Riverside

Text by Michelangelo Sabatino with photographs by Will Quam
Mas event 2015 jnl graphic design 01

JNL Graphic Design: Celebrating a Studio that Sculpted the Visual and Cultural Landscape of Chicago and Beyond

Celebrating the work of JNL Graphic Design
Mas observations 2023 gertrude lempp kerbis 01

Gertrude Lempp Kerbis: A Career of Determination, Problem Solving, and Proactivity

Monthly column by Elizabeth Blasius
Mas observations 2023 beyond the landmarks 01

Beyond the Landmarks: A Personal Look at Columbus, Indiana

Text and photographs by David Schalliol